Changes to GIFT Parking at HSC and Notre Dame football event parking

We have two important parking updates to share.

Health Sciences Campus GIFT Parking Update

The number of parking reservations using our GIFT (Group Initiative For Theft Prevention) free parking at HSC has far exceeded expectations based on previous participation levels. The Biggy Parking Structure has limited availability and serves paid permit holders, hospital visitors and campus guests. 

To better accommodate the overwhelming number of program participants (and to avoid starting to decline requests), the HSC GIFT program is being relocated to the Valley Parking Lot. Beginning Monday, Nov. 21, all GIFT participants at HSC are asked to use the Valley Parking Lot and not use the Biggy Parking Structure. DPS will increase patrols at the Valley Parking Lot during the GIFT program period to support the fully-gated, access-controlled, camera-filled lot.

Notre Dame Football Event Parking at the Grand Ave Parking Structure

On Saturday, Nov. 26, the Grand Avenue Parking Structure will be used for USC-Notre Dame Football Game parking. We expect a high volume of game attendees to park in this structure. 

All individuals entering this parking structure on game day, regardless of participation in the GIFT parking, will be charged the event parking rate of $40. If you are a GIFT participant and already are parked inside the Grand Avenue Parking Structure before 7 a.m. on Nov. 26 (or enter after 7 p.m.), you will not be required to pay.

To participate and register your vehicle, click here.

USC Department of Public Safety
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