Security Assessment

DPS offers a variety of crime prevention and crime detection applications to reduce the threat of a crime or to prevent future crimes. Such application can include one or more of the following:

Site Security Inspection
Trained DPS representatives can provide a security assessment of a new or existing property to determine methods to control human criminal behavior and reduce the fear of crime. Site inspection would include the following:

  • A review of the location access points
  • A review of the location landscaping to determine criminal vulnerability
  • A review of the location lighting
  • Inspect the look and feel of your location and how it can attract criminal behavior

Threat Assessment
When you feel that a particular individual may be a threat to your workplace or class environment, a trained DPS representative will evaluate whether a danger exists and formulate a plan to ensure safety.

Alarms, Cameras, Access Control
If you have a new or existing electronic security system for alarms, cameras, or access control, a trained DPS representative will inspect your system and determine if any necessary upgrades or replacement of hardware is needed.

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