Laptop Theft Prevention and Recovery

Laptops are one of the most common items taken during robberies and car break-ins. At USC, most of our community carry a laptop with them. It is essential to take precautions when transporting your laptops around campus and elsewhere.

If your laptop is stolen, report it immediately to DPS or your local police.

5 Tips for Reducing Your Risk of Laptop Theft

1. Never leave your laptop unattended

Assume no place is safe including campus centers or libraries. Even if you’re only stepping away for a few seconds, always take your laptop and belongings with you.

2. Lock your dorm, apartment, or bedroom.

Even if you’re only leaving for a short time, locking your door ensures your laptop is inaccessible.

3. Register your laptop with the manufacturer.

Keep a hard copy of your registration where you keep personal files. If your laptop is stolen or lost, this registration information could aid in its recovery.

4. Buy a cable lock (and use it).

Anti-theft locking devices are an inexpensive investment ($50 or less) that help keep expensive technology–and priceless information like schoolwork and personal data–safe. You can buy them at the USC Bookstore, Amazon, or office supply stores.

Leavey Library also offers complimentary cable locks while you’re in the building. Visit the first floor circulation desk to check one out.

5. Download a laptop recovery software.

Recovery software can range in features and cost so you may want to do some research for the best option for your needs. Apple offers recovery software for Mac’s as well as iPads, iPhones, iPods, and AirPods.