Aggravated Assault

Incident Resolution: A suspect was apprehended by DPS officers off-campus near 36th Street and Vermont Avenue. Incident Description: As a student was leaving the Vivian… Read more »

Attempted Robbery

Incident Description: A worker doing construction at a privately owned, vacant house that used to be the ZBT fraternity house saw a suspect wandering around… Read more »

Attempted Burglary

Incident Description: A student was awakened by the sound of someone trying to open his ground floor bedroom window. When the student approached the window,… Read more »


Incident Description: Two students waiting for a ride service were approached by two suspects. One suspect displayed a handgun and demanded the students’ property. Both… Read more »

Attempted Robbery

Incident Description: The victim exited the Metro platform at Jefferson Boulevard and Flower Street when she was approached by the suspect. The suspect demanded her… Read more »

Robbery Suspect in Custody

Incident Resolution: The suspect fled from the location of the robbery and was apprehended at Vermont Avenue and Exposition Boulevard by DPS officers. Both victims… Read more »


Incident Description: While at the ATM, the victim was approached by two male suspects using handguns to demand money. The victim complied and gave the… Read more »

Sexual Battery/Fondling

Content warning: this warning addresses a report of sexual assault. Resources are available on and off campus to provide assistance. Visit for resources and… Read more »


Incident Description A USC student disembarked the Metro train on Exposition Boulevard and Trousdale Parkway and began walking westbound when he was approached by three suspects.… Read more »