While walking alone, a student was approached by a suspect who displayed a knife and demanded the student’s phone.   The student complied with the suspect’s… Read more »


Two suspects approached the victims, who are not affiliated with USC, standing at the northwest corner of 36th Place and Vermont Avenue.  The suspects forcibly… Read more »

Burglary-Suspect in Custody

On April 3, 2019, a student was contacted by an unidentified male via social media who offered to return her stolen wallet for a fee. … Read more »

Sexual Battery/Fondling

INCIDENT:  A female (non-student) was sitting at the bus stop at Jefferson and Hoover waiting for the bus when an adult male individual on a… Read more »


After reporting missing property to building security, a review of recorded camera images revealed an unknown suspect trying door handles on the student’s floor. Suspect… Read more »

Sexual Battery/Fondling

A female (non-student) was walking southbound on Trousdale when a group of approximately 9 juveniles riding bicycles approached her from behind. As the group passed… Read more »

Robbery-Suspects In Custody

A female student was walking southbound on Orchard Street when a female suspect exited a vehicle and attempted to grab the student’s cell phone. A… Read more »

Residential Burglary

Residents left their apartment on 1/19/2019 for the weekend and arrived home on 1/21/2019 to discover someone had entered the residence without permission and removed… Read more »


The victim (student) was walking home alone when three suspects approached him from behind.  Two suspects pushed the victim against a fence and the third… Read more »