Safety Tips

Living a safer life doesn’t require the latest technology or formal training (although DPS does offer some great resources). Often you can avoid dangerous situations simply by adapting your behavior and daily routines. DPS has gathered some of our favorite safety tips in one place.

Remembering detailed or complicated safety advice can be daunting, particularly when you’re in a stressful or threatening situation. Rather than trying to memorize every process, take your safety one step at a time. When walking, choose a route through well-lit and trafficked areas. Lock your door when you leave. Are you a runner? Avoid going alone at night or listening to loud music through headphones.

Above all, follow your intuition.

You know what makes you feel safe, when a situation seems off, or when you’re making a decision that carries too many risks. Taking small steps, paying attention and trusting your instincts can transform your world into a safer environment.