Incident Resolution Burglary Arrest

DPS is pleased to provide you with the following Incident Resolution Notice.

Notices of this nature detail instances in which DPS and/or LAPD have been able to bring resolution to reported illegal acts affecting our community.

Incident:       Commercial Burglary

Date:             January 7, 2018, 4:40 PM

Location:      925 West 34th Street (on campus)

Description of Incident: 

A DPS camera operator identified three suspects on campus from a recent burglary at the USC Bookstore.  DPS had footage of the initial criminal activity on video.  During the burglary, merchandise worth thousands of dollars was stolen.  Officers detained the suspects and transported them to LAPD Southwest station where USC and LAPD detectives interviewed the three individuals separately.


During the interviews, all suspects confessed their involvement in the bookstore burglaries. All three suspects were arrested.   A substantial amount of the merchandise was recovered.

Incident Resolution Notice (IRN) 2018-01


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