Robbery/Auto Theft

As the victim (student) and a friend walked to her parked car in the parking structure, the victim was approached by the suspect who demanded her car keys.   The suspect, who had her hand inside her coat pocket possibly concealing a weapon, took the keys from the victims hand, entered the victim’s car and was last observed driving west on Jefferson Blvd.

DATE & TIME OF OCCURRENCE:  June 6, 2018, 3:40 PM

LOCATION: Shrine Parking Structure, 645 W. Jefferson Blvd.

SUSPECT DESCRIPTION:  Female, Black, 25-30, 5-6”, 130 lbs., fair skin, reddish hair in a ponytail, tattoos on left arm, wearing a black jacket with shear sleeves, knee-high black boots, and light pants.  Victim described the suspect as being nicely dressed (see photo below).








VEHICLE TAKEN:  2016 Fiat hatchback, license plate 7VHW399, white with black stripes along sides and HOV sticker on rear passenger side bumper.

Reference: TW2018-009