Sensitive Issues Addressed Here: Letter to Students

Dear Students,

Over the last few days, we have been meeting with members of various student groups, reading the emails you and your parents are sending us, and listening to your voices of concern about the tragic deaths of our students. These losses have shaken our community and our sympathy goes out to the families and friends who are mourning loved ones.

We want to let you know that President Carol Folt and Provost Charles Zukoski are dedicated to fostering a healthy and safe campus environment. This fall, we increased the number of mental health counselors by nearly 50%. We are committed to providing counseling services to those of you in need. We have received additional support from faculty and counselors from several departments at Keck Medicine and from schools across the university. On Monday, we will be opening a Department of Psychiatry practice on the fifth floor of the student health center for ongoing mental health care. We will continue to ensure that services are in place for your safety and well-being.

Trojan students are known for their remarkable care and concern for one another. We encourage you to continue to nurture this culture of compassion and help-seeking. You can play a pivotal role in helping your fellow students who are at risk by alerting Trojans Care 4 Trojans.

We need you to be aware of the dangers posed by drug use. In particular, we want you to be informed about the dangers of abusing opioids. The effects of alcohol mixed with these drugs can be fatal. In addition to the direct effects of each substance, drugs shared for recreational use can be mixed with other substances to increase its effects, sometimes without a user’s knowledge. This practice is rising and is linked to overdose and death.

If someone you know overdoses, call 911 or alert DPS [UPC: 213-740-4321; HSC: 323-442-1000] immediately.

Our doors are open. Let’s continue talking and sharing because it’s crucial that we stay connected.


Winston B. Crisp
Vice President for Student Affairs

Sarah Van Orman
Assoc. Vice Provost for Student Health

Chief Health Officer, USC Student Health

John L. Thomas
Executive Director/Chief