Sexual Battery

INCIDENT DESCRIPTION: The victim was jogging on Ellendale Avenue approaching 29th Street when she observed the suspect walking south toward her. As she passed the suspect, he reached out and touched her buttocks. The suspect ran south on Ellendale Avenue.

If you have information relevant to this crime, please call the Department of Public Safety (DPS) at (213) 740-6000 or the Los Angeles Police Department, Southwest Area at (213) 485-6571.

Help fight crime by reporting suspicious persons and/or activity to USC DPS immediately. Please note that race, ethnicity, gender, and/or religious affiliations are NOT considered the basis for suspicion; only behaviors are considered suspicious.

DATE & TIME OF OCCURRENCE: August 5, 2020, 8:30 p.m.

LOCATION: Ellendale Avenue at 29th Street (off-campus)

SUSPECT DESCRIPTION: Male of unknown age and race, wearing a blue hat and dark grey clothing.


If you are in immediate danger, call the LAPD at 9-1-1 or DPS at (213) 740-4321.

Safety Tips

  • If you are the victim of an incident of fondling or sexual battery, call DPS immediately. For the University Park Campus (UPC), call DPS emergency at (213) 740-4321. For the Health Sciences Campus (HSC), call (323) 442-1000.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Do not display your valuables, including your cell phone. Pay attention to who or what is around you at all times. Do not walk alone off-campus after dark.


ALERT TW#:  2020-017