Pedestrian Safety!

The USC campus can be an extremely busy place. We know you are excited to be on campus, get to your classes, grab lunch, attend events and meet up with friends, let’s embrace the journey with mindfulness and care.

As Trojans on the move, many of you are walking, running, and riding manual and electric bikes, scooters and skateboards while often at the same time listening to your headphones and using your phone.  It’s crucial we thread safety into the fabric of our days.

At USC, we hold a shared vision of safety and respect for every journey, no matter how short or long. It’s easy to get swept up in a great playlist, an engaging podcast, or a lively chat, but let’s not forget the simple act of staying alert. Keeping your head up and eyes forward isn’t just about navigating the physical space; it’s about caring for the community we’re all a part of. This will go a long way to ensuring everyone’s safety.

As day turns to night, visibility is key. Make sure you’re seen and heard, ensuring a safe passage for you and others around you.

Let’s commit to making every step, ride, and glide through USC a testament to our collective responsibility and love for our Trojan family. Together, we can make USC not just a place of learning, but a safe haven for all its members and our surrounding campus community.