Attempted Robbery

INCIDENT DESCRIPTION: The suspect approached the victim from behind and demanded his phone. When the victim refused, the suspect displayed a handgun in his waistband. The… Read more »


Clery Act Timely Warning Notification Alert# 2020-018 Sept. 15, 2020 Reported Offense:  The Department of Public Safety (DPS) received a report on Aug. 17, 2020… Read more »

Sexual Battery

INCIDENT DESCRIPTION: The victim was jogging on Ellendale Avenue approaching 29th Street when she observed the suspect walking south toward her. As she passed the… Read more »

Residential Burglary

INCIDENT  DESCRIPTION: The suspect entered the victims’ residence through an unlocked front door and removed a skateboard, gym bag and other property while the victims… Read more »

Residential Burglary (Update)

DESCRIPTION OF INCIDENT:  The victim was inside her apartment when she observed the suspect coming out of the bedroom closet, armed with a pocket-knife. The… Read more »


INCIDENT DESCRIPTION:  The victim, not affiliated with USC, stated that he was standing at the bus stop at the intersection of Adams Avenue and Magnolia… Read more »


INCIDENT DESCRIPTION: USC Department of Public Safety (DPS) officers attempted to detain a suspect who was illegally parked on-campus. The suspect fled, drove erratically, and hit… Read more »

Attempted Residential Burglary

INCIDENT DESCRIPTION: The male suspect attempted to break into the victim’s (former USC student) residence through a back door but was interrupted by the victim. The… Read more »

Aggravated Assault

INCIDENT DESCRIPTION: During a heated argument, a female (unaffiliated with USC) stabbed a male (unaffiliated with USC) in the left arm with an unidentified object.… Read more »

Sexual Battery

INCIDENT DESCRIPTION: As the female victim (unaffiliated with USC) was walking eastbound along the north side of 30th Street (north of Orchard Avenue), a male… Read more »