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Your trust, confidence, and support are vital to the success of the USC Department of Public safety efforts to make the USC campus community safe. All members of DPS are expected to perform professional, quality, customer focused service to all those we encounter daily during the performance of our duties.

We welcome your constructive feedback on officer and/or department behavior, policy, which helps us continually improve our role in USC’s community.

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About our Complaint Process

Community members are entitled to a transparent complaint processes and access to the DPS administration that serve them.

DPS provides a fair and uniformly applied administrative process for receiving, investigating and resolving all complaints of alleged personnel misconduct that is consistent with both the best practices in campus public safety/law enforcement and university policies and procedures.

Complaints against DPS employees may be filed by contacting a DPS watch commander or supervisor and giving details regarding the incident, or by completing the DPS complaint form above. We will promptly forward any complaint received to the Office of the Assistant Chief to review and assign for investigation.

Once we complete the investigation, the Department’s Assistant Chief will review the case and determine a course of disciplinary and/or training action. You will receive a written response regarding the disposition of the investigation.

You should be aware that if you knowingly and maliciously file a false complaint of misconduct against an officer, that officer may seek monetary damages from you in a civil lawsuit.

Reporting Anonymously

If you’d prefer to file a complaint anonymously, please use our online anonymous complaint form instead. Please note that if you do not provide contact information, we will not be able to follow-up with you regarding our investigation or resulting action(s).