Online Bicycle Registration

Bikes are one of the most convenient ways to get around campus and a valuable asset–whether you’re dashing between classes or taking a study break to meet friends for a coffee, owning a bike helps keep you mobile. In order to cut down on theft and improve recovery rates, DPS offers a complimentary bike registration system for all staff, students, and faculty. If you are planning on using your bike on campus, you must register it by completing our online form.

False Alarm Reduction Program

False Alarm Reduction Program The USC Department of Public Safety provides security alarm monitoring and response to alarm activations. When an officer responds to an… Read more »

Hoax Bomb Threat Advisory

HOAX BOMB THREAT Advisory #: 2017-002 On Friday, May 26th, several threatening anonymous printouts, identified by LAPD and the FBI as part of an apparent nationwide… Read more »